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We specialize in crafting unique and memorable brand identities, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

Branding is so important to differentiate your business from your competitors

Setting your business apart from your competition is absolutely crucial to your message as a company and your success. When done effectively, you are able to attract your ideal customers, ultimately leading to great growth and sales. At Lulu Marketing Studio, we specialize in business branding for businesses of all types and sizes. With years of experience providing our clients with exceptional branding services, we have definatley made our mark with our clients as well as the branding and marketing community.

Lulu Marketing Studio is committed to utilizing innovative ideas and technologyto ensure that you are leveraging your business’ branding.

To learn more about business branding and brand development and how our team can help you achieve the results you deserve, contact us to get started!

Our branding package includes:

Brand Strategy Session: A call to speak one on one to identify your brand design needs and strategize the best way to create an identity that will attract your ideal clients

Pinterest Board Collaboration:  A shared Pinterest board to collect inspirational resources to get an idea of what you are naturally drawn to when it comes to design

Custom Color Palette :  Custom inspirational Mood-board based on Pinterest collaboration to define the tone and mood of the brand and a custom brand color palette curated specifically for your business.

Primary Logo Design:  The primary identifying mark of your business. The most complex and all-encompassing of your brand logos. Ideal for: larger print or web design, signage, or packaging.

Secondary Logo and Brand Icon:  A complementary logo variation based on the primary logo and designed to fit alternative design needs where the primary won’t be ideal. An Icon is the most simplified variation mark to be used where the logo won’t fit, the text won’t be legible, or where an image/graphic would be most impactful. Ideal for: smaller print or web needs, social media profile photos, watermarks and small print collateral.

Business Card Design & Print:  Custom front (name side) and backside design of company business cards with print-ready files. 100 ct premium printed business cards are included.

Social Profile and Cover Photo:  Custom brand cover photo, designed for your top social platform, with a squared crop of your logo for social media profile photos.

Final Print & Web Files :  All final design files come in all of the most popular file formats including JPG, PNG and PDF

Mood Board / Style Guide:  A custom branded mood board complete with all brand standards (typography, color codes, inspiration images) to help keep your brand usage consistent and on-brand.

–  Support:  We will be available for unlimited phone or video calls throughout your project’s timeline, to meet and walk through each phase as needed to provide you with all the support you need.

Our branding packages are designed to provide you with the perfect foundation to meet your immediate design needs, while providing you with the right tools and resources to support your brand as your business continues to grow.

All brand design projects take up to 3-4 weeks to complete (completely dependent upon client response time and project scope. Can also take as little as 1 week)

Our Brand Package Design Process:


Our Branding Packages start at $2600

*Smaller custom packages are available.

If you are searching for a dedicated branding professional who can help your business reach success through strategic branding, contact us to get started.

“Working with Lulu Marketing Studio really took all the head rattling and frustration out of the equation when it came to designing and building my site.

I gave them my thoughts and ideas and they were able to run with it and bring my vision to light!  Turn around time was excellent and I was able to have my logo design and my site up in just a few short weeks.”


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